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How to Create High Performing Rental Listings with Listing Score©

It’s no secret that property managers and marketers rely heavily on their rental listings to generate leads and fill their leasing pipeline. But what makes a really great rental listing? What content separates top performing listings from the rest? If you want to attract more renters, drive more inquiries, and ultimately sign more leases, this webinar is for you! In this conversation, we’ll cover the key elements that make a rental listing pop, from the most popular amenities down to the unit details. 

Learn from rental housing data and marketing experts how Rentsync's new Listing Score© feature can help you attract more qualified prospects by measuring the content, quality, and completeness of your rental listings.


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What you'll learn:

  • What top performing rental listings look like; determining what content is key

  • The features and amenities renters care about the most, and how to showcase them in your listings

  • How to leverage Rentsync's new Listing Score© feature to improve the quality of your rental listings 

  • Plus, much more!
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"The quality of their presentation and ad campaigns have provided a great return on the investment."

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